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Sedmoe Nebo Residential Complex

Houses & residence


The residential complex is located in the North-East Administrative District of Moscow, at the intersection of 1st Ostankinskaya Street and Staromoskovskaya Street. The west and the south side of the construction site are adjacent to the urban forest area. The complex is comprised of freestanding spaces, multiple-storied buildings (15-24 stories) sitting on a common stylobate. The sections form a clear and transparent composition and are raised to have the landscape smoothly blend in with the residential ambiance. The facades are exposed to the urban forest area, finished with aluminum composite panels of various colors: the vivid color emphases make the complex even more recognizable, while the light-gray shades make the facades optically lighter. The side facades and stilts in the residential blocks are finished with light-beige ceramic panels, the pedestal is covered with natural travertine, while the ground flooe perimeter is designed with leaded light glazing.

  • Type:Houses & residence
  • Client: Don Stroy
  • Area: 89 102
  • Year: 2007
  • Status: Realisation