ABV Group, Spector provides full services in the field of architecture and design of any complexity. List of services listed in the table below.

  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • General projector
  • Pre project studies
  • Pre project offers
  • Stage "Project"
  • Working documentation
  • Aauthor's support
  • Author's supervision
  • Tender documentation
  • Technical function of the client
  • BIM workflow


Building Information Model

ABV Group, in its projects since 2014 to apply the BIM building design technology. It improves the quality and speed of design, as well as reducing the possibility of errors and mismatches architecture just solutions to other sections of the project, such as design, engineering, and others.

BIM- is primarily design technology, process information modeling object (building or otherwise) based on a single database, the main product of which is a "project", and the secondary drawings and architectural visualization. BIM model - a model of 3-dimensional object with a component attribute that is processed in some software that supports processing geometry, as well as information of the model: ARCHICAD, Revit, MicroStation, PowerCivil etc. Building Information Modeling - an approach to the construction, equipping, maintenance operation and repair of the building (to manage object lifecycle), which involves the collection and integrated processing in the process of designing the entire architectural design, technological, economic and other information about the building with all its interconnections and dependencies, when the building and all that attitude towards it, are viewed as a single entity.

Three-dimensional model of a building or other construction project related to the information database, in which each element of the model, you can assign additional attributes. The peculiarity of this approach lies in the fact that the building project is actually designed as a single unit. And the change of any one of its parameters entails an automatic change of the other associated parameters and objects, back to the drawings, renderings, specifications and timetable. BIM has two main advantages over CAD: model and BIM objects of control - it's not just the graphics, this information to automatically create drawings and reports, perform analysis of the project, simulate the work schedule, operation of facilities, and so on - providing the team of builders.. unlimited opportunities to make the best decision, taking into account all available data. BIM supports a distributed team, so the people, tools and tasks can effectively share this information throughout the life cycle of the building, eliminating redundancy, re-entry and data loss, errors during transmission and transformation.