To properly use our brand when placed in electronic and printed form - read this brief guide to our core design elements.

Brand Guidelines

Terms of use of the brand “ABV Group”: The logo can only be orange or white. His form must be clear and legible. Be sure to keep the original aspect ratio, and forms that have the logo looked holistically. at
placing the logo on the image, always use the white version of the logo.

To accommodate the images or photos with a light background, we ask to put an extra layer on the image of black color with transparency
10-20% in order to maintain the readability of the logo white. Never show ABC Group logo in black, or any other.

We have one exception: If you want to use a black logo for print publications, can
submit a request for approval to the application of printed materials thumbnail format “.jpg” by e-mail: info@abv-group.ru. This is the only time the logo is permitted may be displayed in black with prior authorization
from the ABC Group, thank you for your understanding.

The size and spacing
The minimum space around the logo
The minimum height of the logo
Placing on the background
Placing logo on a white background - always orange
Placing logo on a colour background - always white
Layer 1 - the original photos
Layer 2 - black with a transparency of 10-20%
Placement of the logo on the photos - always white + black layer opacity 10-20%
The color palette and logo
  • HEX#f86e51
  • RGB248 110 81
  • CMYK0 68 65 0
  • RGB225 225 225
  • CMYK0 0 0 0