Office on Burakova st.

Mixed use

Office buildings


The construction site is located in the East Administrative District and is trapezium-shaped in its plan. Its configuration defines the architectural and structural solution for the complex. A 16-storied space is like a crystal with its polyline faces forming an expressive silhouette. For the façade finishing it is planned to employ metal panels perforated with either abstract or floral ornament, as well as stained-glass windows and natural stone. An important role in the building’s architectural outlook is played by the concept of the building night illumination aimed to highlight its unusual form and ornament luxury. Save for the entrance lobby, the ground floor is designed to host stores, cafés and a cafeteria, while all other levels are meant for open space offices. The complex is also equipped with a three-level underground automated parking lot.

  • Type:Office buildings
  • Client: Capital Invest
  • Area: 60 000
  • Year: 2008
  • Status: Concept