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Urban Planning of Rzhevka

Sity build


Within the program for development of built-up territories of Saint-Petersburg the renovation of the 35th block of Rzhevka neighborhood is planned. There are over 30 buildings sitting at the site, some of them are subject to demolition. The varied development of 1960s-70s also includes a cultural heritage site of local significance, the Complex of Buildings of the Main Artillery and Sea Range. Thus, the urban context grants a rather wide range of styles of urban-planning solutions. The project also provides for a green recreation area at the block center, for which purpose it is expected to widen Kovalyovskaya Street. The basic new development principle implies organization of closed blocks with the inclusion of current buildings into the development urban-planning concept. The first floors of buildings facing transport hubs and roads shall host premises for rent. The current development image is formed with dynamic façade solutions combining their snow-white lining and floor-to-ceiling windows. Window openings and blank sections are arranged in a staggering pattern to form a rhythmic mosaic pattern. The sculpturesque expressiveness of the sharply defined austere quadrangular shapes accounts for overhanging cantilever projections at the tenth-floor level.

  • Type:Sity build
  • Client: SPB Renovation
  • Area: 90 000
  • Year: 2010
  • Status: Concept