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Krugozor office

Mixed use


The business center took the seat of Krugozor factory located in the South-West District of Moscow at the intersection of Obrucheva Street and Akademika Volgina Street. Major factory buildings (administrative and industrial blocks) were reconstructed and the demolished warehousing facilities were replaced with a 4-storied open parking lot, while the unoccupied territory was landscaped and partially assigned for visitors’ parking space.

The architectural and planning solution of the business center is designed with due consideration of current composition maintenance: the office buildings actually replaced the factory ones, transforming with the help of the facades and the top technical floor reconstruction, where full featured work spaces with open terraces were arranged. The new open parking lot construction was also performed with regard to the warehouse facilities’ dimensions and maintains the customary courtyard environment.

The office buildings facades are covered with Alpolic FR composite panels, orange and gray, and enameled tempered glass, which is alternated with ribbon glazing to make the buildings look austere and business-like, and at the same time pronouncedly modern.

  • Type:Mixed use
  • Client: Horus Capital
  • Area: 55 000
  • Year: 2006
  • Status: Realisation