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Residence on Malaya Pirogovskaya St.

Houses & residence


The complex is being constructed on a site occupying an entire block on Malaya Pirogovskaya Street, rectangular in its plan. This geometry has, to a large extent, determined the master plan solution: one residential building is sitting along the street frontage line, the other U-shaped one borders the site perimeter from the three other sides. The architectural ensemble character is imposed with the industrial architecture of the Khamovniki district where it is being constructed. The U-shaped building will get brick facades with large rectangular windows. And the main building’s elongated space is visually divided into separate vertical elements, which creates illusion of street development with various spaces of different designs and window sizes, as well as colors and surface finishing: brick is bordering natural stone here. The courtyard which is only intended for the complex residents will house children’s playgrounds and sports areas, and a central pedestrian alley decorated with a fountain and a mosaic composition.

  • Type:Houses & residence
  • Client: Don Stroy
  • Area: 94 200
  • Year: 2011
  • Status: Project