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Pokrovskiy Boulevard Residential Complex

Houses & residence


The neighborhood of Pokrovskie Kazarmy (military barracks) building and the desire to provide the complex with better insulation once defined the residential complex plan, which repeats the austere rectangular outline of the barracks plan. Four side buildings are cut into the major space of the elongated linear form. Due to the different number of stories of the spaces (the two central ones are taller than the major building, while the side ones are, vice versa) the complex silhouette looks sharply defined and expressive. Moreover such structure made it possible to arrange a system of internal public spaces – three courtyards are threaded onto a walk-through promenade terminated with a colonnade “raising” the side buildings two stories high.

The building facades are designed in two styles. The main front facing the historic development corresponds to the context and is designed as stylized French architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries: symmetric plastic composition, heavily outstanding canopy; cornices to replicate the division of Pokrovskie Kazarmy façade; embossed pattern and cast-iron balustrade railings. At the same time the yard side façade is noted for its strongly pronounced modern outlook with the domination of laconic and smooth surfaces and large window openings decorated with asymmetric geometrical pattern of contrast lining and overhanging plates of balcony railings.

  • Type:Houses & residence
  • Client: Don Stroy
  • Area: 44 000
  • Year: 2006
  • Status: Realisation