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Reconstruction on Pyatnitskaya St.

Houses & residence


The object to be reconstructed is located in the Central Administrative Area of Moscow, in Zamoskvorechye, at Pyatnitskaya Street.

The project provides for the conversion of the buildings of the former printing house of Sytin into a residential complex with underground parking lot and the arrangement of public and shopping areas on the first floors.

The main buildings of the printing house are located along Pyatnitskaya and Valovaya Streets. These buildings were erected in 1903 by Adolf Erichson, one of the most prominent architects of the Moscow Art Nouveau, together with engineer Vladimir Shukhov. The main building overlooking Pyatnitskaya Street, with a Gothic entrance, complex-shaped attics, semicircular windows, is the most expressive and conspicuous part of the complex, most of the details of which have been preserved since the beginning of the 20th century.

Our design solutions provide for dismantling of the Soviet era superstructure and the construction of two new floors, offset from the facade line, which form the terraces. This technique allows bringing back the pre-revolutionary outlines of the building.

In the yard there is a former dormitory for factory workers in Pseudo-Russian style, with the facades of red brick and an abundance of decorative elements. From the side of 2nd Monetchikovsky Pereulok the design solution provides for a renovation of the building facades, construction of additional 6 floors and arrangement of terraces.

2nd Monetchikovsky Pereulok ends in the area intended for development. Taking into account the density and the number of floors of the existing development, much attention was paid to the insolation issues. This became the principal factor of form-making. The number of floors varies from 5 to 7. On the first floor of the complex there is the entrance to the underground parking and shopping space.

  • Type:Houses & residence
  • Client: Vesper
  • Area: 57 340
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: Concept