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Office in Govorovo

The concept

Mixed use

Office buildings


Construction of Novotech OJSC office building is planned in the Moscow Region, close to nature. The intent to preserve trees growing at the site and smoothly fit the eight-storey shape of the business complex into the landscape has imposed the biomorphic building apparel embodied in its drop-shaped plan view and in facades reproducing the surrounding scenery in a specific architectural language. In plan view, the shape of the complex resembles a drop or a plant leaf: its three ramifications host office premises, while the composition center is occupied by an entrance lobby. Such outline provides for optimum insolation of interior spaces and ergonomic arrangement of working space. Façade full glazing is reticulated with metal strips of variable width, reminiscent of tangled tree stems. The design of one- or two-storey shape of the entrance hall is based the same concept, though employing other means: with the tree stems pictured on the glass. The stairs form independent shapes merging as stems of trees into a fantasy wood.

  • Type:Office buildings
  • Client: Novatek
  • Area: 37 000
  • Year: 2009
  • Status: Concept