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Office on Grafckiy lane

Mixed use

Office buildings


The construction of Office and Business Center is planned in close proximity to Alekseyevskaya subway station, at the site once occupied by Variator CJSC. The latter is surrounded with prevailing residential development and is subject to complete demolition, thus the future complex dimensions are limited to the maximum height of 65 meters and the total area of no more than 100 thousand sq. meters. The complex is comprised of two 15-storey buildings with a common entrance group.

The buildings are mirroring each other in their plan views, however elaborated façade finishing helps to unsee this fact. Three color: yellow, black and gray are used for the buildings’ stained glazing, which permits three various façade types. The yellow grid is used to decorate the building bottom to resemble cozy Moscow patios with so many small windows. It is crowned with a wide strip similar to a black lattice screen with tower heads, transparent and visually imponderable, arising and almost melting into the sky. This is to highlight discontinuity of the business center composition and its proportionality to neighborhood development. The entrance lobby space, common for the two buildings, is also prominent against the gross massive. Fully glazed rectangular block forms the front chamber of the development facing the street with its austere and clear façade free of any details or decoration. Here apart from the entrance lobby itself, the two floors host all public spaces of the complex: a canteen, a restaurant and a fitness club.

  • Type:Office buildings
  • Client: New Project
  • Area: 105 260
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: Project