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Residentional complex in Zarechie

Sity build


The design plot of the total area of 22.48 ha is located between Zarechie and Meshcherskiy villages. The woodlands of Bakovskiy urban forest are in close proximity to the west border of the land plot. This is what, to a large extent, has imposed the complex planning solution.
9-storied residential buildings are arranged to have apartment windows face the urban forest and to let the residents use it as their favorite recreational area. Besides, another park will be laid out in the residential block center to divide the complex into two parts, the southern and the northern ones.
Residential buildings of the southern part form closed blocks with boulevards in between.
The buildings of the northern part are lined up one by one in a smooth arc prescribed with the curve of Zarechnaya Street, a thoroughfare connecting the neighborhood unit with Skolkovskoe Highway and the Moscow Ring Highway. This space arrangement provided for the distinct division of the street and private spaces of the residential complex, the latter being safely shielded from the road area. The L-shaped residential buildings are nearly similar in their form, but despite the dimensional and space solution identity, each building within the complex has its own easy recognizable apparel which is vital for convenient navigation. This individuality is introduced through a bright coloristic solution based on the combination of the three colors, orange, green and white, with their various combinations forming the buildings’ individual images. The facades’ additional plastics owes to the checkered glass spaces of the balconies and bay windows.

  • Type:Sity build
  • Client: Zarechie-2
  • Area: 390 000
  • Year: 2015
  • Status: Project