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Urban Planning in Zarechie

Sity build


The design site of the total area of 26.5 ha is located in the Odintsovo District within the borders of Zarechie Village. It is suggested to host a new low-rise residential block of austere style with a wide pedestrian boulevard. The planning solution is based on the quarter principle aimed to develop the most comfortable and friendly scaled environment for people.
The buildings are polygon in their plan arranged within the site so that to form cozy and closed courtyards. The buildings’ height varies from 2 up to 7 floors with the distance from dachas and cottage houses to high-rise Zarechie communities. Multi-storied structure and the expressive setbacks of the façade outlines give the buildings a vivid and diverse tone typical for historical cities. This neighborhood is also highlighted with the architectural language chosen: the facades widely employ classical décor elements.
A boulevard is designed to run along the southern site border, it is planned to enter the existing park area and at the same time connect the district with the Zarechie-2 complex designed for the neighboring site. Pedestrian and recreation zones, which form the major block layout axes make the streets busy public spaces equipped with all the necessary infrastructure facilities, stores and cafes. Road traffic within the complex is minimized with one-level parking lot designed to host the vehicles.

  • Type:Sity build
  • Client: National Development Company
  • Area: 348 130
  • Year: 2011
  • Status: Concept