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Office on Avtomobilniy passage

Mixed use


The administrative and warehousing complex is comprised of three major structures, viz., a new eight-storied office building with an upper technical floor and an underground level, a reconstructed seven-storied administrative building and a reconstructed five-storied administrative and warehousing one. The first two structures, a new and a reconstructed one, sit close to each other. The new building is straight across and the reconstructed one is parallel to Avtomobilniy Drive. They are designed in different stylistic solutions.
The new building space features two shifted rectangular glass blocks with their corners rounded. One space is raised on round columns. Between the buildings there is an entry zone with large double-illumination lobby and a passage to a landscaped internal area. The smooth contours of building’s glazed surfaces are framed with a white composite material. The gable facades’ surfaces rolling up and down are rhythmically cut through with white facing strips. Thin leaded glass structures of elongated facades are shifted to form a graphic structure, which symbolically refers to industrial art.
The second administrative and warehousing block to be reconstructed is in factory-style design: red brick pilasters, air gates, deep sunk window openings, vertically cut by composite components looking like real metal. To get the building coupled with the new building architectural solution, the gable facades are fully glazed with pieces of white composite material.

  • Type:Mixed use
  • Client: New Project
  • Area: 46 300
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Project