Office at Vernadskogo Avenue

Mixed use


Erected in 1985, the ten-storey office building is a square in plan view with a vast courtyard. The two reconstruction variants differ in interior space and façade solutions.

According to the first variant the elevator banks are moved to the courtyard center, while the main space is divided into three parts with a clearly defined center piece. Due to this fragmentation, the rectangular block monolith seems lighter.

According to the second variant, the balcony is arranged around the court yard perimeter forming a galley with access to service premises. In both cases, the overbuilt floors overhang the court yard as a console, extending the building’s floor space. The atrium seems overlapped with translucent structures.

Facades are to be replaced completely. The glazing concept features horizontal division of the main space. Color-glass décor elements can be used for glazing.

The entire building is covered with a metal glazed structure, a canopy sitting far from the front façade thus including the space before the main entrance into the general architectural composition.

The project provides for two types of column resting. The first has the columns sitting at a certain pitch, making the composition pageant and impressive. The second type provides for supports of different height assembled in two bunches piercing the canopy to give a modern twist to austere architecture.

  • Type:Mixed use
  • Client: Yugstroy
  • Area: 50 000
  • Year: 2008
  • Status: Concept