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MarrPlaza office



Finishing for the public zones of the MarrPlaza Business Center is designed to proceed with the facades graphic pattern of rectangles of different sizes. Though the facades are decorated with relatively small metal moldings and ceramic tiles to make the large space lighter and of human-friendly scale, the lobby designs employ the same materials in form of larger panels.The large sole-colored lobby surfaces evoke a solid sensation, which makes the entrance zone substantial and reputable. And to avoid monotonousness we employ expressly syncopated rhythm of lamps sitting on the ceiling in an apparently random order. This is also used to develop the facades’ pattern with their syncopated rhythm of window openings. This consistency of exterior and interior designs is to ensure integrity and perfection of the architectural character of the business center.

  • Type:Interiors
  • Client: Marr Development
  • Area:
  • Year: 2006
  • Status: Realisation