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Urban Planning of Opalikha

Sity build


The idea of the project consists in the formation of a single style for a minipolis, a “modern and advanced city” of Leo Burne.
The specific features of the “8 Maples” residential complex are large areas allotted not only for the residential but also for the public infrastructure. This is a fully-developed small town, like an antique polis of an average size.
We strove to preserve the rich history, not to distort the natural landscape, to preserve the natural “forest” and the coastal zone. All yards are united by a green boulevard. The proposed arrangement of the transport network separates the motor vehicles and pedestrians as much as possible. The routes of the local driveways almost do not affect the yard areas of the residential groups.
Maximum landscaping is one of the basic principles. High six-floor building are located at a distance from the body of water and do not disturb the quiet atmosphere of the mini polis.
The project architecture is geometric and undemonstrative.
For the facade finishing, it is proposed to use materials produced in Russia: hand-molded brick and natural stone. The choice of the relief stone and brick of an elongated format gives the buildings undemonstrative nobility and the similarity with the development areas of a European city.
Another distinctive feature of the project is its openness. Large windows and balconies with glass enclosures allow maximum use of natural light in the interior and allow the residents to enjoy the panoramic views of the countryside.
Refusal of architectural decoration and facade “excesses” makes the facades whole and concise.

  • Type:Sity build
  • Client: City-XXI vek
  • Area: 75 630
  • Year: 2015
  • Status: Concept