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Retirement Community

Mixed use


The complex includes buildings with rooms for elderly people; administrative building; rehabilitation center with social amenities, shopping area, training and spa area; residential buildings for the accommodation of the service staff, as well as components for rest and leisure of the residents: sports grounds for tennis, pétanque, mini golf, bowling on the grass; covered terraces for leisure time of the residents; lots for horticulture; a pond, with the possibility of fishing.

At the entrance to the complex there is an administrative building. In the immediate vicinity of the administrative building there is a guest house for visitors.

Buildings for retired people are placed so that they form picturesque, landscaped walking streets by which one can reach any corner of the complex. The access to them is arranged from the side of these streets. The buildings for elderly people with mental and physical limitations are located in the back of the site. The houses for the service staff are designed to be situated along the eastern boundary of the site and have a separate entrance.

  • Type:Mixed use
  • Client: Individual client
  • Area: 33 360
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Concept