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Volna Tower office

Mixed use


The business center building is erected to replace a parking lot, the last undeveloped site from the even-numbered side of Sakharova Avenue, with its front formed with the best known buildings of the XX century – the People’s Commissariat for Agriculture Building authored by Aleksey Shchusev, the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives by Le Corbusier, the Computation Center of the State Planning Committee by Leonid Pavlov. This very neighborhood together with the building function have pronouncedly defined the complex style: it is utterly rational and laconic in a business manner. Its major architectural idea was to combine blind and transparent surfaces. Not only does the building principal façade gradually fade (the light colored finishing stone is blended into full glazing), but it also turns its swan neck to Le Corbusier’s building, to accomplish the structural solution from the even-numbered avenue side. Due to this plastics and the resulting reflection effect the new building was inserted into the existing building environment in a most natural way. The rear façade has in return 30% glazing only with the prevailing white composite panels employed to meet the insolation requirements with regard to a building sitting deep the block. The 14 stories of the business center host large business premises and a restaurant, while the underground levels host a 114-stall parking lot. The building was awarded “Building of 2006” diploma and was listed among the top 15 Moscow buildings of 2006 according to Made in Future magazine.

The interiors of public zones of the Volna Tower Business Center are pronouncedly modern. The apparel is formed with the combination of large light spaces and natural materials with prevailing light-beige stone and wood, as well as glass and chrome-finished metal. The vast entrance group is fully glazed to welcome the visitors. For the entrance lobby zoning we employed transparent partition walls which do not preclude the daylight from any part of the vast room, and an elaborate illumination system provides for ideal light scenario whatever season and day part.

  • Type:Mixed use
  • Client: Energogarant Kapital Stroy
  • Area: 20 000
  • Year: 2003
  • Status: Realisation