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Profiko office

Mixed use


The multi-purpose complex features a 26-storied 112-meter building. Being in assonance with the opponent high-rise residential building, it flanks Krylatskie Kholmy Street from the side of Rublevskoe Highway, smoothly blended in the district landscape and forming its new high-rise centerpiece. The building silhouette is emphasized with a helicopter platform designed as a fully glazed triangular space.

The building is a rectangular block visually divided into two sections: a light, fully glazed part, and a let-in “material” aluminum shell with horizontal checkered windows. Metal plates employed for the facades finishing introduce a distinct modern twist to the building concept.

The restaurants are hosted in the stylobate section of the complex. The remaining part is occupied with office premises. The natural terrain differences of the site provide for ramp-free vehicular entrance to the underground parking lot. Another two-level open-air parking lot of 48 stalls is designed for the visitors.

  • Type:Mixed use
  • Client: Metalloinvest
  • Area: 50 000
  • Year: 2007
  • Status: Realisation