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Skolkovo Business Park

Sity build


The business park is located in the town of Zarechye, between the Moscow Automobile Ring Road and the Setun river valley. This project was developed in cooperation with the British company Scott Brownrigg. The general layout of the facility is designed to create the most comfortable territory, which is visually isolated from highways. It consists of six office modules located on a single stylobate (platform), and two modules of open-air six-level parking lots. The six office modules are angled to the Ring Road and Skolkovo highway in order to orient the inner space towards the river.
The architectural solution of all six buildings is clearly minimalistic and modern: fully glazed areas are covered with elegant flat roofs, wide overhangs of which are supported by thin circular pillars.
An existing slope allowed us to integrate the facility into the terrain: the single stylobate of the business park is a floor located under and above the ground with accessible roof areas, where all necessary public functions are presented in addition to parking lots. An artificial landscape was created in the business park. It descends in cascades towards the Setun river, and is designed for laying out lawns and artificial ponds, providing for the landscaping of their banks, paving, and placing small architectural forms.

  • Type:Sity build
  • Client: Zarechie Development
  • Area: 232 585
  • Year: 2015
  • Status: Realisation